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In addition to our introduction video we’ve created a series of video tutorials which provide value to first time investors and experienced investors alike. Each video covers a fundamental area of property investment and answers many of the questions that investors ask (or should be asking) themselves ahead of any property purchase.

If the video tutorials here don’t answer any specific property question you have then check our FAQ page or let us know at invest@parkgateinvestments.com


This video provides a short introduction to Park Gate Investments and our services.

Why Choose Buy to Let

With a number of investment options available why should you choose buy to let?

Why Invest in Glasgow?

Glasgow is one of the best performing areas in the UK right now. Here we look at why.

Property vs Alternative investments

We assess here why property investment consistently outperforms the alternatives.

Should You Manage Privately

Here we discuss the merits of private management versus employing a letting agent.

4 Keys Consideration

Here are some important items for you to consider ahead of any property investment.

Your Investment Team

There are some key partners to have in your corner when investing. We discuss them here.

Beginners’s Mistake to Avoid

Making mistakes in property can be costly. We look at how to avoid them here.

Rental Yield vs Capital Growth

Why choose one or the other? The right strategy allows you to achieve both.

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