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Buy to let Investment

Buy to Let property investment is just one of many options available to investors in Glasgow so why do we so firmly believe in it as one of the very best ways to achieve solid and profitable returns?


Since first being tracked in the UK property has always grown in value over the long term – in spite of temporary readjustments in the market over the years. Taking a 20-year viewpoint, the average price of a property in the UK was £60,754 in Q3 1997, and is now £210,982 (Q3 2017) – an increase of 248%


Save £30,000 and you can invest that very amount in the stock market, a business, savings account or pension plan. However, in property the same amount can be used as a deposit on a mortgage to buy property worth up to 4 times that amount (we generally recommend a maximum of 75% loan to value as a strategy) – something that can’t be achieved with any other asset class.


Unlike other investment vehicles such as stocks and shares, pensions and angel investing which are very much outwith your control, a buy to let investment and how well it performs can be directly influenced by decisions you make. What location you invest in, what property type, what tenants you place, and for how long are amongst a number of factors which will affect your returns.

Identifying a buy to let investment or building a property portfolio can be an enjoyable and ultimately profitable task. 

Pivotal to your success is conducting thorough research in identifying the key factors of influence outlined above. Whether you do so privately or with the assistance of an agency it’s crucial to be aware that property investment mistakes can be costly, both financially and emotionally, and to follow a strategy that will ensure you avoid any such pitfalls.

Our industry experience gained from numerous investments for our clients as well as ourselves has solidi ed our belief on the merits of Property Investment. It’s our confirmed view that this is the strongest investment vehicle available for low risks and high returns.

Financial freedom needn’t be an intrepid leap of faith nor something that is achieved in your twilight years.

We work with investors day in day out to help them achieve their financial goals.

The best time to invest in property was yesterday. The next best time is today.