Park Gate Investments

Building a Portfolio

So you’ve decided property investment is for you and, furthermore, you’re looking at building a portfolio. Key to success on this journey is having the right experts on hand as they are required. Some call this their Power Team or Mastermind Group but whatever you call it, the ability to trust and rely on advice and services from each will be crucial in the years to come.

At Park Gate Investments we have partners in every area. If you would like to engage with any of these professionals just complete the form and we’ll get in touch.

So who makes up this team?

1. The Asset Finder

This is our role at Park Gate Investments. It’s our job to ensure that we find you the best investment properties in order to deliver on the numbers and goals you have set out.

2. The Financial Advisor

An early chat with your financial advisor is key. This will allow you to understand the funds immediately available as well as any borrowings you may make to leverage your growth.

3. The Accountant

Your accountant will be able to advise you how best to structure your portfolio, ensure you are appropriately set up for tax and finally to compile your company accounts each year, if you chose to buy via a limited company.

4. The Lawyer

A first-rate conveyancing lawyer will ensure that the assets you buy are as they were advertised. The right choice here can save much heartache, and money, down the line.

5. The Property Manager

We advise clients to target a passive income and a reputable Property Management firm or Letting Agency is essential to achieving this. 3am calls regarding plumbing emergencies are not for you.

This is the core group of professionals you want to have on your side as you build your portfolio.