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Our approach is fully consultative and we identify the specific properties best suited to you in terms of your own unique budget and objectives with our client-led approach.

Further information on the key steps within our property investment process can be found here.

In addition we work closely with a number of professional industry partners to ensure you’re making the most effective decisions in every aspect of your property investment journey. More information on our recommended investment team can be found here.

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Return a minimum of 6.0% gross yield (Our average is 7.4%)

We provide a range of property investment services to help you invest in property without the complexity and guesswork that can often be associated.

Our vast investment experience and intimate local knowledge allows us to provide peace of mind with our well established processes, giving you a hassle free approach to investment.

Operating in Glasgow’s thriving property market we apply our expertise and finely honed practices to identify exceptional investments for first time and experienced buyers alike and provide them with the confidence that such investments bring.

In any major city it’s crucial to know the hot-spots for investment and equally important to know where to avoid and we provide that intelligence along with accurate financial projections enabling our clients to invest with complete confidence.

Are Located in Areas Primed For Capital Growth

Are Desirable to our Recommended Tenant Market

Benefit from Little or No Void Periods



Our wealth of experience in Scotland’s property market gives you the confidence that comes with making effective investments and the impressive returns they provide.

We all have busy lives and our sole focus on your behalf ensures we identify the right investment for you in a shorter space of time – allowing you to enjoy your precious free time.


We remove the confusion and complexity that can often be associated with property investment, providing you with a hassle free solution throughout

Hassle Free

Our intimate knowledge of the thriving Glasgow market means we know exactly where to invest, and crucially where to avoid, providing you with the peace of mind that a high performing investment brings.

Peace of Mind

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“Fantastic service! Would recommend to anyone interested in starting out or expanding their property portfolio. Martin and the team were very thorough to find a property which ticked all my boxes! Their expertise and guidance has been crucial to securing my second rental property. Thank you!”


Lancashire, England

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