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The Creation of Park Gate Investments

If you plan to invest in property in the near future what will your approach be? Will you take some advice from friends? From family members? From industry professionals? Will you go it alone and see how it works out? Or will you adopt a hybrid of these options?

For years property investors have been making educated guesses when it comes to investing in properties worth five and six figures, and sometimes more. These are the same investors who’ll seek expert advice and at times spend months deliberating over what new TV, laptop or bike to buy, yet when it comes to purchasing investment property will decide to go it alone.

Sometimes this will work out, and often it won’t, but successful property investment shouldn’t be a game of chance.

In almost ten years’ worth of experiences with our former property sales and lettings business we oversaw the management of literally hundreds of investment properties – many of which were good investments, some middle of the road, and some which were pretty “challenging” to put it mildly. When you hear a property investment described as “challenging” it really means that it attracts troublesome tenancies, is in a building which incurs high maintenance costs, or is located in an area of low capital growth – and sometimes all three!

What became abundantly clear to us was the fact that investors – many of whom were smart, experienced professionals in their own right – were rolling the dice when it came to the investment properties that would go on to (hopefully) provide them with a decent pension, a second income, or something to pass on to the next generation.

There had to be a better way – and now there is.

At Park Gate Investments our business model has now evolved. Instead of managing investment properties we now enter the process a step earlier and provide the knowledge, expertise and guidance at the investing stage that ensures our clients benefit from the confidence and peace of mind that comes with making profitable investments.

Although our business model has transformed during this time our ultimate goal of helping investors achieve a more successful and enjoyable journey through property remains the same.

We now work with a mix of UK and overseas clients, some who have property experience and many who are first time investors, but who all share the common goal of seeking successful, profitable, and hassle free property investment.

This is exactly what we provide for our clients and what forms the cornerstone of Park Gate Investments.

If we can help you or anyone in your network then get in touch and let’s talk.