Park Gate Investments


When considering property investment it's always useful to 'run the numbers', and our handy calculators enable you to do just that. Select the most suitable calculator from below to add some clarity to any investments you're considering.

Inflation Vs Savings Calculator

Is your money currently sitting in a savings account making you little or no interest? Use this calculator to establish how much this is costing you. At current inflation rates your savings are actually losing value within this type of approach.

Inflation vs Savings

Gross Yield Calculator

If you’ve identified a potential investment property but want to calculate your yield figures once rent and fees have been taken into account then you’ll find this calculator helpful. If you’re unsure what rent can be achieved in any given area then get in touch and we’ll be happy to advise.

Gross Yield

Compound Interest Calculator

This calculator allows you to see what can be achieved in terms of capital growth at your investment property. We firmly believe that buy to let investment should be a medium to long term strategy and this calculator enables you to make projections based on growth levels and on how long you intend to keep the property.

Compound Interest