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The foundation of all successful property investments is having a firm handle on your numbers. Use our handy tools below to calculate potential yields and compound interest, and to compare how well (or not) your funds are currently faring in your savings account.

Inflation Vs Savings

Is your money currently sitting in a savings account making you little or no interest? Use this calculator to establish how much this is actually costing you. At current inflation rates (1.4% – Dec 2019) your savings are actually losing value with this type of approach.

Compound Interest

Einstein famously described Compound Interest as the “eighth wonder of the world”. This calculator allows you to see what can be achieved in terms of capital growth at your investment property over a number of years.

Yield Calculator

When assessing any potential investment property it’s important to calculate your yield figures whilst taking costs into account. If you’re unsure what rent can be achieved in any given area or of any other costs then get in touch and we’ll be happy to advise.

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